It’s possible to avail credit despite payment order.

Anyone wishing to apply for a loan in this country must have an adequate credit rating. This includes the income, the clean Credit Bureau and a permanent job. The income must be in an acceptable ratio to the loan amount so that the bank can assume that the customer will pay the loan. If the loan seeker has already received one or more dunning notices, his creditworthiness has been tarnished. A credit despite a payment order is not a good star, but is possible.

The outlook

The outlook

The customer should know about the dunning notice that dunning dishes have no connection to Credit Bureau. Credit Bureau is an institution that has contractual partners. In most cases, these partners are service providers who charge their services to the customer. If the customer has now received a reminder notice because he has not paid any outstanding claims, the service provider will report this to Credit Bureau. The believer is solely responsible for what has to be in the Credit Bureau.

Averting this process can be avoided by paying the claim. The customer should then contact the creditor directly. However, if the negative entry is already there and the customer has paid, there is the option of visiting a lawyer, checking the entry and, if necessary, getting it deleted.

It is not just the loan application that suffers from the order for payment, the purchase on account or a new mobile phone contract are also not successful. All these service providers ask Credit Bureau before they grant a loan despite a payment order. Due to the hard negative entry in the Credit Bureau, so-called “easy life on pump” is no longer feasible.

Many loan seekers want to have the reminder off the table and pay the debts so that the Credit Bureau entry also disappears. If the customer now has no savings to do this, he looks for a loan despite a payment order.

Opportunities for a loan despite a payment order?

Opportunities for a loan despite a payment order?

Borrowing will be difficult. In this case, Cream banks will only grant a loan despite a payment order if the customer can show a solvent co-applicant. Think of the spouse or life partner who has nothing to do with this dunning procedure and who has an impeccable Credit Bureau himself. If the customer cannot name a co-applicant, support in the closest relatives or friends could be asked.

Another hurdle that can almost not be taken is that the credit may not be transferred to the customer’s checking account, despite the order for payment. If the account is seized, the money is gone. The bank also sees that the debtor wants to go into debt again even though he has not yet paid the previous one. This process can even be prosecuted.

Anyone looking for a loan online despite a payment order notice can see the rejection immediately. In most cases, these banks have an automated test procedure. If the bank checks the customer’s creditworthiness, the negative entry becomes visible and the loan is automatically rejected. The reason for the payment order is not relevant for these banks.

The customer would have a chance at his house bank. In a personal conversation it can be clarified how the order for payment came about. If it is really just a so-called “showdown” between the debtor and the creditor, the bank was graciously able to grant a loan. A measure of strength is to be understood if a customer does not perceive the sum claimed to be legal and lets a warning expire after a warning because he feels he is right.

However, he has the worse arguments here. If he had contacted the debtor after the first warning with the creditor, it would probably not have happened in the first place.

If the bank now sees that all requirements for a loan have been met, the matter with the order for payment has been resolved, a loan approval would be possible. However, if the customer is unable to explain the order for payment in a comprehensible manner, and if the customer was even legitimate, then the chances at the house bank dwindle.

Does the loan from abroad make sense?

Does the loan from abroad make sense?

The loan, despite the order for payment, could be approved by a foreign bank. Litebank from Liechtenstein has been granting German Credit Bureau-free loans, even if the entry in Credit Bureau is negative, since 2010. The requirements that this bank places are roughly the same as for a Cream bank. Only the Credit Bureau remains outside.

The sufficiently high income should amount to at least 1160 USD and if you come from a permanent contract, the customer can count on a loan of 3500 USD. The second loan amount that this bank offers would be 5000 USD, because the bank demands a higher income. Since these banks do not have access to Credit Bureau, they stick to an open-ended employment contract that should have existed for at least a year. The loan, despite the order for payment, will also be successful if a loan application in Germany has been rejected.

However, the customer should expressly emphasize that the loan amount is processed by post. If an account attachment had developed, the loan would be gone. The loan application is free of charge. Sigma Kreditbank can also be applied for on its website. However, the credit request is already calculated there. To get around this, a credit broker can be consulted.

The customer submits the loan application to the selected intermediary and sends him the necessary credit documents, which he sends to the bank. Before that, he has to do the Postident procedure at the post office. The documents can then be sent at the same time. Before the loan application is available for signature, the credit broker can make a preliminary loan approval based on the data that can be viewed.

However, this will only become final once the documents have been checked by the bank. The credit process from application to payment will take approximately 7-8 working days. If the loan has been approved, the customer can assume that Credit Bureau will not learn anything, neither will the house bank nor the employer. If you pay your installments correctly, you may also be able to think about an increase.


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