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Get an online consolidation loan

The online consolidation loan is a product offered by to simplify and clarify the repayments of several existing loans. It is basically a merger into a single loan, which works on the principle of a one-time loan, which repays all existing loans and thus creates only one loan, which requires monthly repayment in the same and constant amount.

Consolidation of existing loans offers one indisputable advantage over repaying several at once, and that is achieving a more favorable interest rate. In practice, this means that the client will repay his loan by a significantly lower final amount. In the same way, the client saves on the costs charged for managing several loans, as well as on most other fees. Another advantage of loan consolidation is the fact that by establishing it is possible to achieve significantly longer loan maturities and thus reduce the number of monthly payments. On the other hand, this advantage logically results in a relatively unpleasant increase in the amount you pay. Just as you can extend the maturity period, you can also shorten it and thus significantly reduce the total amount that you will be forced to repay. The final due date, therefore, depends purely on the possibilities and choice of the client. The maximum repayment period is determined by the specific bank from which the client handles the consolidation, but most often this period is between two and ten years.

The mere merging of loans not only leads to savings in interest rates and other related costs associated with loans but also to better control over the loans themselves and a significant simplification of the administration associated with their establishment and management.

Before choosing a bank to consolidate loans, think carefully about what loans it wants to merge in this way. In the case of consumer loans and loans from installment companies, you will not have a problem with consolidation in any bank. However, there are banks that do not offer the possibility of financing credit cards or revolving (overdraft) loans. For some banks, the maximum number of consolidated loans is also limited, and we understand that the banks also differ in the possible need to open a new bank account used to repay consolidated loans.

How to apply?

When applying for a loan to repay loans, ie the consolidation of loans, banks usually meet the needs of those clients who have so far repaid their obligations without any problems. Otherwise, if the client is a debtor who has problems repaying already at the time of the application for the merger, the application will most likely be rejected.

In addition to simple consolidation, banks also offer consolidation of loans secured by real estate. As the name suggests, it is a merger of a loan in which the client guarantees the real estate he owns. This product is ideal if the client needs to consolidate large amounts in the order of hundreds of thousands of crowns or millions and at the same time needs a one-time loan of cash. A huge advantage, in this case, is a significantly lower interest rate and extension of the maturity period up to thirty years. A huge disadvantage is the real estate guarantee itself.

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